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Jeremy Corbyn: Labour leader to visit Northern Ireland

2020.01.30 12:29

 Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is expected to visit Northern Ireland on Thursday.

This will be Mr Corbyns first visit to Northern Ireland since 2018.

At that time he gave a speech at Queens University Belfast focused on the United Kingdoms EU exit, arguing it must not be allowed to damage the fragile political settlement in Northern Ireland.

This time around he will meet the Stormont parties to discuss the governments Brexit deal.

He is also likely to discuss the recent restoration of devolution.

Mr Corbyns successor will be named on 4 April.

His visit comes two months after Prime Minister Boris Johnson visited Northern Ireland to sell his Brexit deal.

Jeremy Corbyns time as Labour leader is nearly at an end.

After losing the general election campaign, hes set to stand down in April once his successor has been announced.

So his visit to Northern Ireland on Thursday isnt just for official opposition business - perhaps also a farewell tour.

Hes due to meet the five main Stormont parties to talk about Brexit, a day before the UK officially leaves the EU.

The return of the power-sharing assembly is also likely to feature in the discussions.


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