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He mourns himself: The story of a young novelist"s death in Cairo Book Fair

Written by: Ahmad Abdel Hamid - Cairo _ Translated by: Abir Hoteit

2020.01.25 10:32

"Mohamed Hassan Khalifa," the young novelist, who was not yet 23 years old, left his home in Badrashin, Giza Governorate, yesterday morning, Wednesday, January 22, heading to the Cairo International Book Fair at the Egypt Convention and Exhibition Center, at the 5th assembly in the Egyptian capital. On its first days, "Hassan Khalifa", who was pleased with the publication of his first writing work, which is a collection of stories entitled "Announcement of a Lonely Heart", arrives at the book fair at eleven in the morning and stands in a huge line in preparation to enter the book fair, waiting to see his production, the first of his literary works, on the shelves inside Dar Al-Kenzi for publication and distribution. As he neared the gate, he collapsed, so that his friend, who was accompanying him, went to the Air Force Specialized Hospital, and there the "young novelist" breathed his last breath as a result of a heart attack after all attempts to rescue him in the hospital failed.
What "Hassan Khalifa" wrote hours before his death on his personal account on social media "Facebook", surprised and grieved his followers, believing that he was expecting his death, where he wrote a quote from the story "My Grave Cemetery", within his collection of stories "Announcement of a Lonely Heart", in his latest post on his page saying: "I hung the news of my death in front of me on the wall, every morning and evening, I would look at it, to rest assured that the journal paper in which the news was written in large font, and on the first page, away from the deaths, is still sound, and it can resist with me the coming days. ”This story collection dedicated by the young novelist to his deceased father.
A state of sadness and shock prevailed on the faces of all the workers in Dar Al-Kenzi at the Cairo International Book Fair, not believing that tragedy, and expressed their deep sorrow over him, confirming that he was very polite, happy with his collection of stories, and praised his talent in writing, and was supposed to solve "Hassan" Khalifa, "An Honorary Guest Tomorrow Sunday, January 26, at the Cairo International Book Fair, to discuss the novel" The Empty City ", published by Dar Al-Arabi.
Hassan Khalifa was a fan of writing, and although he graduated from the Faculty of Agriculture at Ain Shams University, he went to work for journalism, and had many articles in the fields of literature and art on various websites such as Noon Post, Al-Menassa, Al-Mayadeen, and Raseef22.
Meanwhile, Dr. Enas Abdel Dayem, Minister of Culture, offered condolences to the family of the young novelist "Hassan Khalifa", and a funeral will be held for the deceased novelist at the end of the Cairo International Book Fair.


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