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Britney Spears" father won"t be charged with child abuse, prosecutor says

2019.09.19 10:30

Britney Spears father will not be prosecuted on allegations of child abuse involving one of his grandchildren, the district attorney of Ventura County, California, announced Tuesday.

District Attorney Gregory Totten issued a press release saying that criminal charges will not be pursued against James "Jamie" Spears of Westlake Village in the county north of Los Angeles.

He said the Ventura County sheriffs department investigated "allegations of child abuse" against Spears.

"After reviewing the evidence, there is insufficient proof that a criminal offense was committed by Mr. Spears," Totten concluded.

Sara Brucker, a spokeswoman for the district attorney, said sheriffs investigators submitted their report Sept. 4, but declined to discuss specifics of the allegations "given the confidential nature of the submitted charge."

So why was this announcement necessary?

Because Britney Spears ex-husband and father of their two sons, Kevin Federline, filed a report with the sheriffs office last month accusing Jamie Spears, 67, of an "inappropriate physical altercation" with his 13-year-old grandson, Sean, during a visit at his home in Westlake Village, according to Federlines longtime lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, who accompanied Federline when he filed the complaint.

What happened? According to The Blast and TMZ, the two had a verbal argument, and Spears allegedly shook the boy after breaking down a locked door to reach him.

But prosecutors have decided nothing criminal happened. Kaplan says Federline is satisfied with that decision.

"Kevin had no desire that Jamie be prosecuted," Kaplan said. "And now that there is an order in place that adequately protects the boys, the prosecution is of no concern to Kevin – if anything hes glad Jamie does not have to deal with it."

Kaplan said a restraining order, issued by a Family Court judge in Los Angeles, remains in place, restricting interactions between grandfather and grandsons.

He said Kevin has majority custody of his sons and Britney Spears, 37, has minority custody rights to see them. He said they were in her custody and visiting Jamie Spears at the time of the incident.

Neither Jamie Spears nor Britney Spears nor their lawyers have commented publicly on the allegation, nor did they issue any statement in response to the prosecutors decision.

Jamie Spears, who has been his daughters conservator for 11 years, recently stepped aside due to his serious health problems. He retains control over Britney Spears finances but a professional conservator is now in charge of her person.

In January, Britney Spears announced she was postponing her new Las Vegas residency show and other projects because her father had suffered a ruptured colon and "almost died."

Meanwhile, the Spears family is expected in court in Los Angeles on Wednesday for another hearing related to Britneys conservatorship. A medical expert appointed by the court to evaluate Britney is expected to report on her status.


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