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Voting continues to decide college football"s GOAT

2019.09.19 10:13

Who is more important: the quarterback or the man who protects him?

Voters participating this week in USA TODAY Sports’ contest to determine the greatest college football player of all-time will have to decide that this week when No. 1 seed and Ohio State great Orlando Pace goes up against former Purdue standout Drew Brees.

Another intriguing matchup pits former Pittsburgh star Larry Fitzgerald against Eric Dickerson, Charles Woodson and Dan Marino.

Fitzgerald is the top seed, but it seems like a challenging race to project.

This scenario could be like what happened last week when Oklahoma’s Lee Roy Selmon, the lowest seed, pulled of an upset by rallying against Marcus Allen, Deion Sanders and John Elway.

This is the final week of regional competition. The Sweet 16 starts next week with players competing head-to-head, like the March Madness format.


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