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Fire at school building kills at least 27 people in Liberia

2019.09.19 09:58

 A fire at a Quranic school outside Liberias capital has killed at least 27 people and many are thought to be children, police said Wednesday.

The fire around midnight gutted a dormitory and school building where students slept about 7 miles east of Monrovia, police spokesman Moses Carter said. Only the imam and two students escaped, he said. The cause of the fire was under investigation.

Hundreds of grief-stricken people stood in shock as ambulances took away the bodies. Others wailed and wept as police pushed back a curious, surging crowd.

The president of the West African nation, George Weah, visited the scene and was due to attend the victims funeral at a Monrovia mosque before burial later in the day,  spokesman Isaac Solo Kelgbeh said.

Pastor Emmanuel Herbert of a nearby church, Fire World Pentecostal Assembly, told the Associated Press that he and his congregation woke to sounds of the fire and called for help.

"When I turned around to look, the entire place was red. When I looked through the window, I saw the whole place blazing with fire," he said.

The fire was so strong there was no way to enter the buildings, the pastor said.


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