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an Example of Media Assassination

by Charbel Karam – Aug. 29th, 2018 - source: Ny Reporters

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Media assassination is a method utilized by the intelligence to demolish the credibility and active role of a character, a material or moral party, for the purpose of permanently removing them from the arena of effective actions. It is a method exploited by those in authority when murder is not a choice. Media assassination is a less costly method than murder, but no less effective.
Whether these media assassins are intelligence system, countries, political parties, business men or mafia men who aspire to remove honest men who constitute barriers in front of their evil goals, launching a propaganda of fake news to destroy someone’s good name practically leads to terminating this person’s credibility and role. Eventually, the target becomes an outcast among loved ones, and mistrusted by those closest to him. The weapon utilized in media assassination in rumors, most effective of which is articles and videos.
In March 2012, the “Washington Examiner”, an American newspaper, published an article which could only be considered more deforming than bullets against Khaled al-Ahmed, the peace mediator in Syria. Lee Smith, the writer of said article and extreme rightest in Israel, practiced an intentional deformation of al-Ahmed’s role, a man who endeavors to establish peaceful solutions being a man of public relations trusted among opposed parties and in major capitals of the world.
In his article, Smith claimed that al-Ahmed directly interacts with officials from the Obama government to coordinate solutions in accordance to a vision which serves Damascus and satisfies Obama at the same time.
In 2016, after the “Washington Examiner”, the American “Jewish Tablet” took its part in an article which represents the epitome of media assassination, written by Tony Badran.
In this article, Badran intended to provoke the presidential candidate, Donald Trump, against the “peace mediator”, Khaled al-Ahmed. Badran claimed that Barak Obama implicated Trump’s presidency in an American policy and vision about the solution in Syria. However, it is nothing but a solution implanted in the minds of the Obama officials for the benefit of al-Assad by a Syrian businessman called Khaled al-Ahmed.
These claims which usually leave a negative residue in Washington were aimed at pushing the Trump government towards considering al-Ahmed an enemy rather than a peace activist in Syria.
Adding fuel to the fire was the article published by the Lebanese journalist, Rania Khaled”, on Aug. 2nd, 2018 in which she boasted al-Ahmed’s achievements mentioned by the lords of war regarding his role in the peace operation, making him yet again a target of deforming propaganda.
It is worth mentioning that several articles took Badran’s path, and the “Jewish Tablet” targeted al-Ahmed and claimed he was an official in the Syrian government who secretly endeavors to re-open routes of communication between Damascus and European capitals. Also, these articles claimed that he was on the verge of success to open direct communication between Damascus and Europe.
The claim of al-Ahmed being a Syrian official is mere rumors launched by the lords of war. Something which can be negated by facts and testimonies by international officials from organizations which aspire to achieve peaceful solutions in Syria and with whom al-Ahmed has cooperated.
These officials assert that he holds no official position in the Syrian government, and that he is merely an independent activist and a peace mediator.
Why would Rightest American media attempt to discredit a peace mediator?
This is media assassination
When the peace mediators succeed in terminating the interests of the lords of war, these lords will retaliate by eliminating said mediators.
In 1948, the Zionist mafia, Stern Gang, murdered the Swedish Count Folke Bernadotte, the UN mediator for the Palestinian cause and director of the Swedish Red Cross, because his role threatened the Lords of war. Since 2012, and after six years, parties which may not be far from Israel and the Syrian Opposition supported by it continue to attempt assassinating the peace mediator, Khaled al-Ahmed, because his role stands in the way of the purposes of those lords of war.
Eliminating al-Ahmed by discrediting him and targeting his role is punishment for his role in the peaceful operation to end the war in Syria. Because his role is similar to that of the international mediator, Bernadotte, threatening the interests of the lords of war, he will be assassinated just like the Stern Gang murdered the Swedish Count. 
Who is Khaled al-Ahmed?
An informed European source who holds an important position in a humanitarian organization says that al-Ahmed is “simply a Syrian citizen with enough courage to communicate with the local opposing parties and the countries active in the conflict in Syria. Thus, becoming a source trusted by all conflicting sides as well as international organizations, especially UN.
When besieged regions needed supplies, al-Ahmed was a mediator. Also at time when towns and villages could be spared the heat of war through reconciliation, al-Ahmed played a major part. In addition, he was one of the peace mediators as an activist cooperating with human organizations searching for solutions for international crises during the international boycott against Damascus.”
This testimony on al-Ahmed’s behalf asserts the lords of war’s responsibility towards the repeated attempts of assassination.
The Israelis, in a similar fashion with the terrorists, want the war to continue in Syria and are bothered by the return of diplomatic communication between Damascus and Europe. Equivalently, extremists in Washington are distressed when the rational officials send good-will messages to Damascus. Consequently, one or all of the above parties attempts to discredit Khaled al-Ahmed.
Would we believe the claims of these lords of war and their aspirations?
Aug 2nd 2018
By ranya khaled
Sep 12th 2012 
By lee smith
By tony Badran 
17th nov 2016
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