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Grab your change! Travelers left TSA almost $1 million in inadvertent "tips" last year

2019.05.29 02:45

 In 2018, travelers left the Transportation Security Administration almost $1 million in inadvertent "tips."

Passengers in a rush to get through airport security checkpoints often leave belts, mobile phones, laptops and other valuable items behind.
They also leave lots of coins and cash, though they don’t mean to.
According to a new report from TSA, during fiscal year 2018 (Oct. 1, 2017-Sept. 30, 2018), travelers left $960,105.49 in the plastic bins at airport checkpoints around the country.
That’s $90,265.93 more than travelers left behind as inadvertent "tips" for TSA the previous year, $92,293.10 more than they forgot to pick up in fiscal year 2016, and it’s a whopping, $194,346.34 more than passengers left behind in fiscal year 2015.
By law, TSA is allowed to use these funds for projects it considers important for civil aviation security, and in past years some of the left-behind funds have been used to promote the TSA PreCheck program.
Much of the unclaimed money from the past few years remains in TSA’s coffers, however, and a recent NBC News report disclosed that the Department of Homeland Security has its eyes on the cash to help fund border operations.
TSA’s Unclaimed Money at Airports report shows that passengers at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport left behind the most money: $72,392.74.
Next on the list: Los Angeles International Airport, where $71,748.83 was unclaimed in the bins.
Miami, Chicago O’Hare and Newark Liberty International are in the Top 5 of airports where passengers leave behind the most coins and cash.
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