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FIFA World Cup: Schedule, TV time and storylines for Saturday, June 23

2018.06.23 03:41

After a shocking 2018 World Cup opening round defeat to Mexico, Germany gets a shot at redemption against Sweden.

Will the defending World Cup champions follow Brazils lead in righting the ship after a rough start, or will Germany keep company with Argentina — its 2014 World Cup final opponent — in needing help in the third round of group stage games in order to advance?

While Sweden could pose a challenge to Germany, the team might be shorthanded due to illness and injury.

Mexico — which is riding a wave of momentum after Sundays huge upset —-- will look to avoid the dreaded letdown game when it takes on South Korea.

Belgium, which is one of the rare top-rated teams with an emphatic opening-round victory, helps kick off Saturdays play against Tunisia.


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