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Judge blocks transfer of American suspected of ISIS ties being held in Iraq

2018.04.21 03:50

A federal judge on Thursday ruled that an American with suspected ties to the Islamic State being held in Iraq cant be transferred to another country.

U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan of the District of Columbia issued the preliminary injunction preventing the prisoner from being placed into the custody of another country.

The ACLU had sought the injunction on behalf of the American citizen, who was picked up by Kurdish forces in Syria seven months ago and turned over to U.S. custody.

"For more than seven months, the Trump administration has been unlawfully detaining an American citizen in Iraq," ACLU lawyer Jonathan Hafetz said in a statement. "Rather than charge him with a crime or set him free, the government wants to transfer him, involuntarily, to a third country."

Hafetz wrote, "The case has raised high-stakes questions about the extent of the government’s legal authority to wage war and, by extension, detain citizens as enemy combatants. The Trump administration wrongly claims that various legal sources give it that power."

The prisoners identity has not been disclosed and the country where he would have been transferred to has been redacted from the court filings, although there have been reports the country is Saudi Arabia.


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