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Emily Ratajkowski shares nude photos, "posing" for her husband, Sebastian Bear-McClard

2018.03.22 05:24

Once again, Emily Ratajkowskis clothes are Gone Girl!

The model-actress shared a pair of nude photos on Instagram Wednesday, which People magazine and Entertainment Tonight report were taken while honeymooning with her new hubby, producer-actor Sebastian Bear-McClard, in Utah.

The I Feel Pretty actress revealed she and Bear-McClard tied the knot on Instagram in February.

"I got married today," Ratajkowski shared with followers of her unexpected nuptials at New York City Hall.

Ratajkowski implied that her man was behind the lens for Wednesdays cheeky photos. "Posing for my husband like," she captioned a photo taken on her tippy-toes with her right hand placed over her chest. Dont worry, people concerned about sun protection. She got some coverage from what looks like a straw hat.

Take me back," the 26-year-old captioned another image taken from above of her relaxing on a bed poolside.

Getting to pack light is one of the reasons she wants to go back, right?


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