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Alexis Sanchez: Manchester United not getting best from forward - Jose Mourinho

2018.03.10 01:44

Manchester United are not getting the best out of Alexis Sanchez, says manager Jose Mourinho.

Chile international Sanchez, 29, joined in January from Arsenal on a four-and-half-year contract in a swap deal with midfielder Henrikh Mkhitaryan.

But the forward has scored only once in eight appearances since arriving at Old Trafford.

"He is learning how to play with us and we are learning how to get the best out of him," said Mourinho.

The difficulties of integrating a player midway through the season mean Mourinho is not a fan of the January transfer market.

"What is wrong is that he came at the worst moment of the season, in the winter market," the Portuguese said.

"Thats why I dont like the winter market very much. I think [signing Sanchez] was a chance that we didnt want to lose and we made it, but we dont believe a lot in the winter market.

"For sure next season will be better for him."

Some pundits have suggested that incorporating Sanchez into Uniteds attacking framework has caused problems elsewhere and notably affected the form of Paul Pogba.

The Portuguese boss dismisses that idea though.

"Thats something that we can develop and were going to develop with time, with experience and living these experiences together," Mourinho said.

"I dont consider that a weakness, I consider that a huge potential to be developed."

Despite Sanchezs lack of goals, Mourinho has been pleased with the effort the former Barcelona forward is putting in to get things right.

"Thats great," Mourinho added. "[He is] not afraid to take responsibilities, not afraid to try to make things happen. When he feels that hes not as dangerous as he likes to be, he drops back, he tries things.

"When he makes mistakes he tries to compensate immediately with fantastic spirit, with a great transition to try and win back the ball. We are very happy."

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