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Norwegian airline responds to poem complaint in verse

2018.03.10 01:11

Low-cost airline Norwegian has responded in verse to a passenger who sent a scathing poem of his own to complain about the fee charged to change the name on a plane ticket.

Facebook user Gus Dolding first sent a poem complaining about being charged €120 euros (£105; $150) to change the name Bill to William on the ticket.

The airline agreed to waive the fee.

As well as flights in Europe, Norwegian operates long-haul flights to the US among other destinations.

Mr Dolding argued that, as the flight in question had already had a schedule change of a few hours, and that passengers were entitled to a flight change or refund for free, the airline should consider making the name change for free.

A day after his original Facebook post, the airline agreed to waive the fee and apologised in rhyme, saying their "vision is sometimes blurred".

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