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She lost over 100 pounds. Here"s how this mom of three found time to focus on her health

2018.02.27 03:18

How does a mom of three young children lose 105 pounds? Make appointments with yourself, Jamie Bell said.

Bell of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, said she had an epiphany one day looking at her familys calendar: She wasnt on it. She knew if she wanted to reach her health goals that would have to change. So, she added what seems like simple tasks to her calendar to help her reach her weight loss goals, and keep her committed to her Weight Watchers plan.

These are the activities she added, and continues to add:

1. Grocery shopping. Bell said you might feel silly adding grocery shopping to a calendar, but knowing when exactly to go to the store might encourage you to research healthy recipes, make a list and find coupons.

2. Prepping produce. "We’ve all done that thing where we buy a cartful of beautiful produce only to let it die in the fridge and throw it out a week later," she said. Scheduling time to hard boil eggs, and wash and chop produce can make a world of difference when you need a quick healthy snack or have just a few minutes to throw together dinner.

3. Workouts. Put any kind of physical fitness time on the calendar — even if its just walking the dog, Bell said.

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Bonus tip: Bell said use different colored markers (or different colored text) for different members of the family to easily keep track of whos doing what. 


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