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Red faces over Trump "State of the Uniom" typo on tickets

2018.01.30 03:33

Tickets for US President Donald Trumps first State of the Union address later on Tuesday have had to be urgently reprinted because of a glaring typo which lawmakers mocked.

The offending tickets invited people to attend Mr Trumps "State of the Uniom".

"Looking forward to... State of the Uniom," Sen Marco Rubio tweeted, while one social media user asked: "Will they be serving covfefe...?"

This was a reference to a tweet by Mr Trump in May, which left many puzzled.

It was an apparent typo, although the president has never publicly commented on the issue.

But this time US officials were quick to point out that the "Uniom" typo had nothing to do with Mr Trump.

In fact, the error was made by the Sergeant at Arms of the US House of Representatives, whose office oversaw the printing of the tickets.

"There was a misprint on the ticket," a spokesman for the office told AFP news agency.

"It was corrected immediately, and our office is redistributing the tickets."

It was not immediately clear how many tickets were affected.

Anyone looking at the flawed tickets and wondering whether the word "visitor" in "Visitors Gallery" should not be plural instead may be relieved to know it is not a typo - thats just what they call it.

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