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the first flame towards rebuilding syria... washinghton weekly news

2017.07.29 12:54

Khodor Awarki, a political writer and a businessman, who has been working in different economic fields since 1993 in many countries including Lebanon, France, Canada, and Kuwait, published a statement this morning. In his statement, Awarki announced his new project, which he and his Canadian partners are trying to accomplish in collaboration with the Syrian government, under the sponsorship of the United Nations (UN). 

Awarki started by announcing the name of the project: “The International Charity and Loan Bank to Rebuild Syria”. Then he proceeded by saying: “In order to prevent any complications or embedded obstacles along the way, starting by our so called  enemies, and in order to prevent them from adopting or even stopping our project, all our steps will be released to the public”.

 This step is important in Awarki’s opinion, because it will preserve transparency and will reveal any problem created by someone who would want to ruin the project, thus each will be held responsible.

He continues: “This is a private project and not a charity, but in order to protect it from international and regional conspiracies, and to prevent the involvement of project managers in regional and international politics, it will be under the supervision of organizations that belongs to the UN. Also, this project can only be done in collaboration with the legitimate Syrian government, and other governments that are opponents to the latter. Where it is for everyone’s ultimate interest to fund and facilitate this project in order to solve the refugee crisis and decrease the burden.
For this I say: I, Khodor Awarki am committed along with my fellow friends and partners to do all that is in our hands to help the syrian  population that are suffering from war. We will do our best to help in rebuilding their communities and bringing the refugees back to their homes, therefore in cooperation with my fellow colleagues and as suggested by my dear friends, I got in touch with:
1. some members of the United Nations organization
2. The loan banks in the Islamic world
3.  Different developmental and industrial banks, organizations and institutions in Canada, Germany, Iran, Switzerland, Malaisia, Singapore, and China.

I suggested to all that the United Nations sponsor the establishment of an international Syrian loan bank to rebuild Syria.  The Bank shall commence its work after its enactment and hold a deposit of a minimum of two billion dollars. The first branch shall open in Aleppo and it shall provide the Industrialists immediately with:

1. Long term loans to industrialists owners of destroyed industrial enterprises.  The loan will be guaranteed by their lands and machines.

2.  Long-term loans to self-employed and small industrial enterprises with only their business as a guarantee.

Since Syria has a refugee crisis, it’s a priority to provide work opportunities to the refugees.

Second idea:

1. The Syrian government provides enough land in more than one area that will be used for reconstruction.
2. Industrial factories that Syria need will be built in these provided lands. These factories will be carefully chosen by international organizations and will be funded by our bank.
3. Homes will also be built in these lands for refugees that are currently located in Turkey, Jordan, and Lebanon.
4. The relocated labor forces will be employed in service and industrial companies that is needed by both Syrian and international markets.
5.  Open a credit line from the Bank for marketing and export of surplus production through a specialized company to China, Russia, Central Asia, Europe, America and Iraq.

Work has now begun to obtain the banks licenses and legislation by the Syrian government. Then, we will appoint a specialized international body to cooperate with Zanys group to start implementing the proposal.

There are no political conditions placed by any international party to assist in the implementation of this project. The bank is completely independent of governments, although the most prominent of those interested in participating are European as they fear complications from immigration. But the most enthusiastic promoters of the project are Iranian, Chinese, Russian, German and Swedish banks.

We will continue to publish the development of the subject publicaly because the obstacles are not from the enemies of Syria, but the problem is in the lack of cooperation between the Syrian parties...

For inquiries, please visit Zanyss group website, where this project has been registered as a proposal at international legal entities on its behalf.”
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It is known that Mr. Awarki has multiple business projects and his work in media is nothing but a hobby that he practices to express his personal opinion. Mr. Awarki is a  canadian lebanese b

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