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Donald Trump attacked weekly in new Comedy Central project called "The President Show"

2017.04.03 10:54

Comedy Central will premiere a new late-night show this month dedicated to mocking President Donald Trump.

“The President Show” will debut April 27 at 11:30 p.m. EST. as a comedic vehicle from which to attack the commander in chief. Star Anthony Atamanuik will impersonate the president in the series.

A promotional video for the show was released Monday on its official Twitter account.

“Comedy Central begged me — begged me — to do this show,” Mr. Atamanuik says in character. “Failing Comedy Central begged me. They unzipped my pants. They got on their knees, it was disgusting. And I would get incredible ratings, some of the best ratings, huge ratings. Great ratings, OK? And they’d say, You want to be on the same channel as Noah Trevor, or whatever the guy’s name is. Who cares? Whatever. I said just invite me on and be nice. Just respect me.”

Vice President Mike Pence will be played by actor and writer Peter Grosz, who worked on “The Colbert Report.”

“Laughing at the President is a proud American tradition and we hope not to disappoint anyone in that department,” Mr. Atamanuik said in a statement, THR reported Monday. “But our political system is too broken for us to be content joking about one man, even though he is a disastrous silly little toddler boy. Mostly I’d just like to thank Comedy Central for giving us this platform to speak truth to power and if we’re lucky, end up in prison!”


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