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Gorsuch promises independence from Trump, Congress

2017.03.21 06:54

Judge Neil Gorsuch said Tuesday he’s perfectly ready to rule against President Trump, the man who nominated him to the Supreme Court, should the law require it, taking a firm stand for judicial independence as he sought to win confirmation to the high court.

The judge also said he has made no promises to Mr. Trump nor anyone else in the process about how he would rule in cases he may hear.

“I have no difficulty ruling against or for any party,” Judge Gorsuch said.

The judge said there is no such thing as a Republican judge or Democrat judge.

“We just have judges in this country,” he said. “I make a decision based on the fact and the law.”

Democrats are seeking to tarnish Judge Gorsuch because he was nominated by Mr. Trump, saying the president’s brash challenges to judges during the campaign and again now that he’s in office mean that Judge Gorsuch will have to clear a higher bar.

But Judge Gorsuch, seeking to inoculate himself against charges of partisanship, said 97 percent of his decisions were unanimous and that his opinions have attracted the fewest number of dissents from his colleagues.

The committee is expected to grill the judge for 10 hours Tuesday about his case record on issues such as workers rights, campaign finance and women’s health.

He is also expected to face questions about his time working at the Justice Department under President George W. Bush.

The Washington Times

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