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Woman fed horny husband cockroach poison to kill his erections

2017.03.04 07:39

A woman who went on the run after admitting in court to giving her husband just enough cockroach poison to kill his erections could be hiding out in Mexico - according to authorities.

They believe the callous wife, who was fed up with all the sex her husband wanted, went on the run two years ago when she realised a 15-year jail sentence was on the cards.

A court was told she put the roach poison in his food on a regular basis to ensure he was just ill enough to not want sex at their home in Spring Valley, Nevada.

The local News 2 Las Vegas reports the Clark County District Attorneys office is still on the hunt for the fugitive, who may be in hiding in Mexico, it has been revealed.


Andrea Heming pleaded guilty to poisoning her husbands food after the 49-year-old woman told police she was tired of having sex with him.

The court heard she put boric acid in her husbands cereal, energy drinks, and whipped cream.

News channel KSNV spoke on the phone with her husband, who was not pictured or his name given and even moved to California because he is so scared of her.

He said: "Theres just nice people in this world and there are not nice people."

As for her escape from the court system, he said: "I was very surprised. I thought we had a better system of keeping track and holding people responsible."

In a police arrest report, Heming told investigators: "I wouldnt use that much to kill him, but just enough to make him not have an erection."



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