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Charlie Nicholas makes scathing assessment of Memphis Depay at Manchester United

2017.01.21 06:30

 Charlie Nicholas has described Memphis Depay as a "show pony" and says Manchester United will be lucky to receive more than £20m for his transfer.

French club Lyon are paying around £21.7m to sign the 22-year-old, who joined for £25m from PSV Eindhoven in June 2015 and scored just twice in 33 appearances.
"I would have chased him out last summer," Nicholas told Sky Sports.
"Hes a show pony. He was only interested in the United image. Mourinho doesnt do show ponies, just ask Joe Cole.
"Hes a poor version of Neymar. When he does a trick he doesnt even leave the player, he wants to stay and do another trick.
"What has surprised me is the amount of money they got back. It tells you a lot that no Premier League teams were interested in him."
The other Soccer Saturday regulars were less scathing in their assessment of Depays time at Old Trafford, insisting the Dutchman still has a bright future in the game.
Paul Merson insisted he found it hard to adapt to the pressure of playing for United when they were failing to reach the top four.
"There are a lot of minuses instead of pluses but hes a young kid who got into the United team when they were a very poor team and he struggled.
"Hes got behind the eight ball and he hasnt recovered. I think, whoever gets him will get a good player. I like him, Im a big fan of his.
"He found it difficult at the start. You are playing in front of 20,000 people and then all of sudden you are playing in front of 60,000 people and you have to carry that club. He found it difficult but hes not that bad a player. He will be a success.
"Its a good move for both parties. They should both cut their losses. You find with United that if a player doesnt start well and falls behind at Old Trafford, they find it difficult to catch up. Weve seen it before with Anderson and players like that, there have been a few.
"However, I still think hes got a bright future in this game. I hope we see him back [in the Premier League]."
Fellow pundit Phil Thompson feels Depay will benefit from once again being the star player in a team.
"I think United was just too big for him," he said.
"He was a big fish in Holland and he enjoyed things revolving around him. At United is totally different. I know he scored a couple of goals in his early games but I dont think he ever settled and I dont think he ever got the United way in terms of creating for others and work ethic.
"At times he looked like a little boy lost at Old Trafford and it seemed like Mourinho made his mind up pretty early and they just waited for the right offer. Some players start to get it in their second season but he wasnt showing any signs of settling in."
Matt Le Tissier says he can salvage his career in France, saying: "He hasnt really done enough to justify a run in the team so you can understand why theyve decided to call it a day on him.
"I think just maybe perhaps struggled with the size of the club hes joined at a young age. I wouldnt write him off though. He had a fantastic record before he joined United so hes clearly got talent."
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