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Paris attacks planners "killed in Syria"

2016.12.13 06:10

 Two men involved in the November 2015 Paris attacks have been killed in Syria in a US air strike, officials say.

The men, named in a Pentagon statement as Salah Gourmat and Sammy Djedou, were members of so-called Islamic State.
A third member of the group, linked to a failed terror plot in Belgium in 2015, was also killed in the strike on 4 December, the statement said.
The three were plotting attacks against Western targets at the time of the strike, it said.
All three were part of a network led by Boubaker al-Hakim, a Tunisian who was killed in another coalition air strike on 16 November, said Pentagon spokesman Peter Cook.
"This strike highlights our relentless efforts to simultaneously target ISIL (IS) members who seek to attack the US, our interests, and our allies around the world," said Mr Cook.
He said the coalition had successfully targeted five IS plotters since mid-November, adding that efforts had been aided by intelligence material collected in territory formerly held by the militant group.
IS militants claimed responsibility for the attacks in the French capital on 13 November 2015, which targeted the Bataclan concert hall, a major stadium, restaurants and bars.
A total of 130 people were killed, with more than 350 wounded.
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