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Six hot car technology trends to watch in 2017

2016.12.13 05:33

 Clarifications & Corrections: Corrects the Mazda model slated to be first with a diesel engine in the U.S.

Will your next car talk to traffic lights? Are diesel engines on their last gasp? Have electric vehicles charged into the mainstream?
Those are some of the questions new technologies and vehicles may answer in 2017.
The auto industry’s present is starting to sound a lot like science fiction, thanks to technologies with names like V2X communications, smart infrastructure and e-axles.
Some of what’s on the horizon:
Cars that talk to each other
Cadillac CTS sport sedans will offer a revolutionary system in 2017 that allows them to share information about driving conditions like weather, speed, sudden braking, accidents and more. It’s the beginning of what is called vehicle-to-vehicle, or V2V, communication, a wi-fi-like technology that will eventually be standard on every new car.
“It increases drivers’ awareness of what’s beyond their line of sight,” said Sam Abuelsamid, Navigant Research senior analyst.
It’s also key to “platooning,” which will allow packs of vehicles to drive close together at high speed without slowdowns or accidents.
New life for diesel cars
Chevrolet and Mazda will test America’s appetite for diesel cars and SUVs in 2017. Diesel sales plummeted when the technology’s prime purveyor, Volkswagen, got caught up in an emissions-cheating scandal.
“We don’t know what consumer demand for diesels (is), because the largest traditional provider can’t sell them,” IHS Automotive senior analyst Stephanie Brinley said.
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