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Calais "Jungle": Fires rage across migrant camp

2016.10.26 10:30

Fires are raging across parts of the "Jungle" migrant camp in Calais, three days into a French operation to demolish it.

It was unclear who set the dozens of fires overnight and in the morning.

The clearance began on Monday and about 4,000 migrants - out of some 7,000 - have been taken from the squalid camp to shelters around France.

The prefect of Pas-de-Calais said authorities now expected to finish the evacuation operation on Wednesday.

The camp has become a key symbol of Europes migration crisis, with its residents desperate to reach the UK.
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The BBCs Simon Jones, at the camp, says huts were set on fire overnight on the main street leading into the camp, leaving them in ashes.

He says this may have been a last act of defiance from migrants who did not want to leave and did not want to see their shelters taken down by the authorities.

Many of the makeshift shops that had been set up were destroyed and a London bus used by a charity to help women and children was torched.

Exploding gas canisters are a threat and more police officers are now being deployed to the site.


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