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Phil Collins: "I witnessed Princess Diana"s affair"

2016.10.26 10:15

Singer Phil Collins claims to have witnessed Princess Dianas affair with James Hewitt first-hand.

The former Genesis drummer and frontman revealed in his memoirs how he saw the former lovers together in a car in London in 1991.

He even spoke to the Princess briefly and said she told him she had just had a colonoscopy and recommended he "try it".

Collins, 65, has released a new book, Not Dead Yet, in which he reflects on his dealings with the Royal Family, whom he met through working with the Princes Trust charity.

On the meeting with Diana, Collins said he was on the way to visit his dentist in Harley Street, Marylebone, with assistant Danny Gillen when he saw the couple.

He wrote: "A BMW pulls up and the window slides down. Its Diana and, sitting in the drivers seat, an officer-class chap I recognised as James Hewitt."

After a quick conversation about what he was doing in the area, Collins said Diana mentioned her medical procedure.

He added: "Light as you like, [she said] Ive just had a colonoscopy. It was great. You should try it. Danny and I look at each other. Did that really just happen?"

Princess Diana first met Hewitt in 1986 when she hired the cavalry officer to teach her to ride in an effort to overcome a lifelong fear of horses.

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