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Nicole Kidman"s daughter convinced her to dress up again

2016.10.26 07:26

Nicole Kidman has long been a fashion fixture, but after having her two daughters with husband Keith Urban, the actress says she stopped investing in day-to-day dressing.

Honored with the Icon Award at the InStyle Awards Monday night, Kidman described how she was drawn to fashion as a young girl, altering her schools uniform to show off her personal sense of style.

"Then I kind of got pregnant and I went through a period when I got a bit lazy and I couldnt be bothered with dressing up as much," said Kidman, addressing A-list attendees like Jon Hamm, Dita Von Teese, Isla Fisher and Bradley Cooper at the intimate dinner held after-hours at the Getty Center. "And it was interesting – my daughter, who is tiny, said to me about a year ago, Please Mama, dont pick me up in jeans or sweatpants at school. Please put on a dress and high heels and do your hair and wear some makeup. And I thought, thats so fascinating that thats important to her."

Kidman and Urban, who attended the event in support of his wife, have two daughters: Faith, 5, and Sunday Rose, 8. "I started to invest in all of that again," said the actress, who lives in Nashville. "And Im so glad I did, because I love it. I realize that dressing and fashion and all of those things makes you feel good. I love it. And Ive always loved it."


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