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Congress needs to curb live-saving drug prices: tellusatoday

Human greed is too real not to install legislative stop-gaps

2016.08.29 05:43



The cost of drugs is the driving force behind the accelerating price of health coverage and threatens the future of Obamacare. The latest example is the 500% increase increase in cost of the EpiPen allergy drug while CEO Heather Bresch’s annual pay soared to $18.9 million.


It is no accident that “Pharma CEOS are paid 71% more than median in S&P 500,” according to USA TODAY. The government can’t negotiate for generic drugs in Medicare D, drug companies are protected for seven years and then they buy their competition and keep charging exorbitant prices. Meanwhile, prices to the consumers — most on fixed incomes — continue to climb.

Congress, happy to swim in lobbyist money, does nothing as usual and consumers wonder why drugs are much less expensive in Canada and Europe. It’s simple — the rich have rigged the system to take advantage of the average consumer once again for their own gain.

Tom Minnerick; Elgin, Ill.

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The other reason this seems shameless is that EpiPens are only good for one year, so parents are supposed to keep buying them year after year to have their kids protected.

— Barbara Behan

There needs to be a congressional investigation. The pharmaceutical industry is functioning as extortionists, charging any price with no justification. And thanks to theFood and Drug Administration, we can’t buy from foreign sources. The companies are now manipulating the price of generics, keeping the prices near the same as name brands. The new global financial force is drugs!

— Dennis R. Markos

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