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Obama"s own executive order requires intel briefings for Trump, Clinton

2016.08.29 05:26

 WASHINGTON — President Obama says hes obligated by law to allow Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton to receive classified intelligence briefings.

What he doesnt say is that the law hes referring to is an executive order — one that he signed.

Both Trump and Clinton have now received those classified briefings as part of a tradition that goes back to the Truman administration. Trumps briefing happened on August 17 in New York. Clinton received hers Saturday at the FBI Field Office in White Plains, N.Y., meeting alone with intelligence officials for 130 minutes, the campaign said.

For 64 years, similar briefings for presidential candidates were relatively low-key and uncontroversial. But Trumps often loose-lipped Twittering and Clintons carelessness with classified e-mails as secretary of State have led critics on both sides to urge Obama to halt the practice. Obama suggested earlier this month that that he didnt have a choice.

"We are going to go by the law, which is that — in both tradition and the law — that if somebody is the nominee, the Republican nominee for president, they need to get a security briefing so that if they were to win, they are not starting from scratch in terms of being prepared for this office," Obama said earlier this month.

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