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Sean Penn Is Team Kaitlyn for The Bachelorette, Plus He and Charlize Theron Are Fans of The Bachelor

2015.03.13 04:01

 Did you ever think the Rain Man would be a fan of The Bachelor?! Well it turns outSean Penn and his girlfriend, Charlize Theron, are huge fans of the reality TV show! Hes so invested in the show that he has already decided if hes #TeamKaitlyn or #TeamBritt.

So whom did he choose? #TeamKaitlyn for Sean! It seemed as if everyone in the audience was on the same team, because everyone cheered in agreement upon hearing his decision.
But his fandom only goes so far. While appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to promote his upcoming movie, The Gunman, he explained to host Jimmy Kimmelthat he doesnt watch to actually get to know the girls on The Bachelor—he just wants to know who gets picked (and who doesnt). But before the Academy Award winner could explain his guilty pleasure, Kimmel had to make one important observation.
"I assume youre watching it with [Charlize] or else if youre watching it alone this is real weird," he joked.
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Kaitlyn, Britt, The Bachelor, Season 19ABC/Craig Sjodin
Apparently Sean and Charlize are so invested in the show that he and his ladylove argue about whether or not to fast forward just to see the decisions...and the subsequent emotions LOL.
"I dont really want to hear the conversations," he explained. "I want to see somebody cry, and then see somebody get ecstatic and then see them cry."
"You could be on the Penn Tell All special," joked Kimmel, whose mind was still blown after learning about Penns favorite pastime. "Wow, thats unbelievable that youre watching The Bachelor."
What the Milk star finds more surprising is the fact that hes in love at 54! He opened up to Esquire UK about his past and present relationships (he has been married twice) and dished that he didnt think it would be possible for him to find happiness like that again.
"Im surprised to be in love," Penn, 54, admitted. "Lot of reasons. Fifty-three years old [when they got together] plus finally beginning to figure out why you havent been happy in a single relationship? It could seem too late."
But when asked point blank whether or not hed tie the knot again, he responded, "Yes, Id get married again. Im in love with a woman and home is where the heart is, right?"
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