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Aussie cyclist Loren Rowney taken out by spectator"s hand at the Molecaten Drentse 8 in The Netherlands

2015.03.13 03:28

 DUTCH race organisers have begun an investigation after Australian cyclist Loren Rowney was taken out by a spectator’s hand at the Molecaten Drentse 8 in The Netherlands.

Rowney, 26, was part of an eight-woman breakaway and in a sprint to the finish line when a man in the crowd reaches over the barrier, striking her handlebars and sending her flying off her bike.
A still from the video shows Rowney falling hard
A still from the video shows Rowney falling hard Source: YouTube
It is understood Rowney will be flown to Germany for surgery after suffering a suspected broken collarbone.
The horror crash was captured on video which has since been uploaded to YouTube. The footage appears to show the spectator intentionally knocking the Aussie over but it will be up to investigators to establish whether or not it was a malicious act. Rowney got back on her bike to finish in seventh place but lay motionless on the track for at least a minute.
The race was won by Italy’s Giorgia Bronzini, two-time world champion Valentina Scandolara coming in second.
“I saw Loren crashing,” Scandolara said.
“I have seen the video now. I didn’t realise that a spectator had hit her until I saw it. I was happy for the sprint I had but more sad for the terrible crash that Loren had.”
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