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Austrian sources: Details of the murder scandal of Kazakh opposition Rakhat Aliev

2015.03.01 11:47

 Informed Austrian sources on the ongoing investigations on  the assassination of the well-known  Kazakh opposition "Rakhat Aliyev" , who was former son in law  of  President Nazarbayev  revealed the assassination was made  make to look like a suicide. Rakhat Aliyev was the former  husband of Dariga Nizarbayeva , who had  become a fierce opponent to the father of his ex-wife after the latter started  to pursue him as soon as showing intention  to engage in the presidential election race eight years ago.

 Aliev was found dead in his room in the prison complex hospital in one of Vienna suburbs on 24th of Last February .
 The Austrian authorities said  before the investigation that "he hanged himself," but his lawyers denied this story  and saw his death as a  thing they had warned against, because Kazakhstan President was chasing him furiously to kill him, and the Austrian security services know that , since Aliev,  is the  person qualified to defeat Nazarbayev in any possible elections to be democratically conducted in Kazakhstan, any time when the country becomes beyond the repression ability of the  dictator.
The lawyers professed  statements were supported by the following  facts:
1.      Aliev had filed a complaint two days before his death against other prisoners , demanding to be taken to a single room because these prisoners were  Kazakh intelligence, whose  mission was to kill him. The man was a former deputy director of security in Kazakhstan and knew methods used by  the intelligence of the dictator of Kazakh . Methods  inherited from the Soviet tactics in the liquidation of dissidents
2.      . An Austrian court had set a date to hear Aliev complaint about threats to kill him in prison in the same morning during which he  was assassinated. And the question  how the person commits suicide, as  he two days before  filed a complaint in which he says he was threatened to  death and that a rented killer working for  Kazakhstan intelligence bargained   him for  millions of US dollars for not killing him. Then, the matter would look as if he had committed suicide.
3.        Usually,  the medical complex of Austrian prisons receive  only sick senior prisoners of politicians and businessmen. And again the question is  how a killer, wanted by the Interpol, and  does not suffer from any disease was admitted to the place
4.      At the night of his murder, Aliev telephoned his mother   in Kazakhstan , while she was celebrating the 40 day of  the death of her late  husband (Mukhtar Aliev,  one of the renowned  doctors and scientists in  Kazakhstan in the field of medical sciences) in an  incident that seemed a result  of a heart attack.
 Aliev promised  his mother to telephone her the next day and asked her to wait for his phone, to talk again about his plans to refute  the charges and then return to Kazakhstan after the defeat of the dictator and liberate the country from oppression.
The was the situation of an ambitious dreamer.  A man who was willing to free his country , and not  that  desperate man who will commit  suicide Being described as  "the Lion of Kazakh opposition" did not come from a vacuum. Frakhat Aliev is the son of the  leader of the Central tribe in Kazakhstan and of  one of the three top ethnic categories of the people of Kazakhstan. A tribe much bigger than all groups that support the President, who derives  his strength from repressing his people by the security forces.
 A critical  development in Rakhat death case , will be  announced Monday morning at a press conference for most prominent lawyers , proved in a medical disclose reached by  Austrian investigations, about which  the Minister of Justice announced they are not yet complete,  and that he will cooperate with independent investigation authorities  from outside Austria to , re-autopsy Aliev.
 The reason for this expansion in  the investigation is the existence of a trace of narcotic that cripples mans ability to move and it is only existed in the Soviet reservoirs and the KGB dissolved  security defenses , which the Kazakh intelligence inherited its capabilities and stores in the Republic of Kazakhstan after the fall of the Soviet Union.
 In detail,  these samples gave credibility to the statements of the lawyer   of the murdered opposition lawyer , to that he was murdered  and did not commit suicide  
. Sources of Special Investigations, which cooperate with the lawyers gave documented details on  the assassination, and  how it happened . It goes as follows:
1. Several years ago,  President Nursultan Nazarbayev formed a security cell to hunt down his opponents in order to kill them,  imprison them or bring them back into the country in case , they fled abroad and formed a propaganda threat  to him.
 2.  The cell is composed of  the intelligence chief "Nurtai Abykayev, the Israeli  Alexander Mirchev, Gen. Omirtay bitmiov, or  Omirtaa Betemov, and others.
3.  The said cell pursued  Aliev via the media  in the West. Mertechev had  funded media campaigns , in which US collaborators, created Web sites on behalf of alleged victims,  and then those sites began a campaign of "killing the reputation" against Aliev .  Marichev Also, with  money from  Kazakh President funded  media campaigns and court  fabrications in Kazakhstan, and  when the verdicts were issued in the country against Aliev on false charges and crimes he did not commit,  media  fabrications files  were also created against him to undermine  his credibility in Europe, where he was living.
 4. The man became wanted at  the request of the Kazakh authorities at killing crimes, which all indications prove as fake and fabricated.
5.      last July, the  Austrian authorities asked Aliev to surrender to the court. And also the question  how he would be  tried for the crimes he was accused to have had committed in Kazakhstan , when  all evidences showed he was  innocent and that he will win over  Nazarbayev in the Austrian court . A matter that would make of  him a champion of freedom in the eyes of all the people  of Kazakhstan and a champion of freedom in the world,  being unjustly accused, of what he did not do, just because he opposed  the countrys president, who was personally close to him and taking advantage of his powers but his conscience prevented him from  continuing to enjoy  power at the expense of his people,  especially he is from the prominent family of Mukhtar Aliev, the  most respected of men in Kazakhstan, and a very popular figure much more than the president himself, as perceived by the public opinion.
 6. Investigation sources,  cooperating with the lawyers say that  "on February 16th   a man wanted by the  surrendered  himself. He  alleged to be named Aslan Jagiyev Gagiev , of a Chechen origin working as a  professional killer and is wanted by the  Russian justice 21 murder charges.
7.The picture of the  real  Aslan Jagiyev has been circulated by the  Interpol. He  has a milestone in his permanently  infected eye,  while the eye of the  prisoner who turned himself in,  and holds a Russian passport with the same name is not  infected . He resembles real  Baslan real but still, he is not the same man.
 8. As Aliev, was a  former intelligence and a man of authority, he received  information, while in his  imprisonment that Aslan was just an imaginary name, that  was used to bring in a killer of  Russian - Ukrainian origin,  works for the Kazakhs, and that in order to facilitate his in and out into the prison , a distinctive criminal plan was drawn.
 9. The Ukrainian- Russian killer entered the  prison through turning him self in  himself as the pursued  killer.
 10. the process of turning himself over was to be invested  through  clients, who are  cooperating with the Kazakhs in the Austrian Prison Service by putting the criminal   murderer in a single cell with Aliev.
 11. Aliev realized the intention of the  killer, and therefore, he  filed  a complaint against him, of  charging and  threatening to kill him, and blackmail him  financially against non-implementation of murder plan.
 12. The sender of the killer knows that the Austrian authorities will hand over the wanted man  to Russia very  soon , within a time not to exceed  weeks, because  he had killed  21 men within the Russian territory in separate operations, and Russia acknowledge to the right.
13. The man  arrived in the prison in February 16th  , and planned  to kill Aliev on February 24th , while  the date extradited to Russia to take him to Moscow was  February 28th .
 14. The man arrives in Moscow. And they  are to  investigate his character and will find out  that he is not the wanted man, and then he will be released,  gets a financial award from the Kazakh and disappears and Rakhat Aliev blood will be lost  in vain.
All this information is at the hands
 of the lawyers and  the Austrian authorities , who will have enough evidences  to claim  murder charges to this professional killer , to those who stand behind him,  and to those who helped him in the Austrian prison authorities to enter into this facility and also who helped him to get into  Aliev cell,  after putting  a narcotic substance in the water he drank,  the night of his death.
Being an Athlete,  Aliev, was not easy to be   killed by breaking his neck if he were not sedated with  that  poisonous material,   appeared in the blood analyzes that followed his death.
These are the real details of the assassination, which trigger a major scandal in a country,  where opposition to the government is preparing to invest  the Austrian scandal , in order to impeach  the government and replace it, and  follow-up investigations , so as to hunt  persons  involved in Astana, capital of Kazakhstan.
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