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VIP Syrian People on the European Sanctions List

Source: Russia Today

2014.07.23 07:52

On Wednesday July 23rd, 2014, was published in the European Union’s official newspaper the names of three Syrian persons and nine Syrian entities to be added to the list of sanctions related to the Syrian crisis.
A statement by EU clarified that the three new additions to be included in the sanctions are the prominent businessman, Hashem Anwar al-Aqad; head of the “Anwar al-Aqad Sons for Trading” group, owned in partnership with his brother Abdul Karim Anwar al-Aqad, and which is involved in various fields of the Syrian economy, including oil and gas. The EU claims that the brothers are partners with the head of one of the most dangerous security devices in Syria.
The military leader, Suhail Hassan was also placed on the sanctions list along with the head of the Scientific Research and Study Center, Omar al-Armanazi.
The Union also stated that the nine entities include “Abe al-Bihar” company for oil trade, which headquarters are located in Beirut, and “Triocean” trade company, which headquarters are in Cairo.
The other entities, the Union stated, are “Banyas Refinery”, “Homs Refinery”, the Army Supplies Office, the Industrial Institution for Defense, the Higher Institute for Applied and Technological Science, in addition to the National Lab for Standards and Quality, “Al-Jazirah Shahin”; a hydrocarbon company located in Beirut and owned by Ayman Jaber who is already on the said list.
The Union’s Council on Foreign Affairs has made the decision of adding the names of the three persons and nine entities to the European Union’s sanction list on Tuesday in Brussel “in light of the seriousness of the situation in Syria”, however decided to disclose the names through its official newspaper on Wednesday.
In a statement of the council it was mentioned that these persons and entities will be sanctioned, including to freeze their bank accounts and to ban them entry into EU countries.
Thus, the number of Syrian members closely related to the Syrian security devices, and which are claimed by European sources to be the main source of the regime’s war effort funding, to be sanctioned by EU is 192 persons, while the number of sanctioned entities is 62.

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