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Washington Weekly Experts: MEAB in Zero Tolerance Stand on Black Market 2017-02-28

  History MEAB s.a.l was founded in 1991 as a commercial bank in Lebanon. Following the tremendous success of the founders’ business ventures developing underserved regions of Africa, they applied their experience and entrepreneurial skills to establish MEAB in their home country. Since opening the first branch in Verdun, MEAB has expanded from a small, corporate bank to a full-service bank with ...
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Role of key Lebanese expatriates in economy 2016-10-28

In an article published by the Lebanese “al- Joumhoreya” newspaper, entitled: The Role of Expatriates in the Lebanese Economy, economics Professor Jasim Ajaqh wrote: “ It is no exaggeration to say that remittances from Lebanese expatriates, which constitute 19 percent of GDP, have become an essential element in the Lebanese economy. However, knowing that more than 30 billion USD of these transfers are ...
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Kassem Hejeij - ( Hujeij)- (Hojeij) the man who treats cancer patients at his expense 2016-10-27

A young man approached a woman who was crying in one of Beirut’s well-known hospitals and said to her: “Aunt I have the solution.” She had begged him, pleading: “My daughter is about to die and they do not want to check her out before we pay, nor will they  treat her because we couldn’t afford the operation, and she needs the operation immediately”. Noha Butros was crying while ...
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Rooney… from Slavery to freedom, Thanks to Lebanese Expatriate Kassem Hejeij - ( Hujeij)- (Hojeij) 2016-10-02

The “Weekly News"  recently published a story by its correspondent in Beirut , about a woman who was born in Cotonou from a drunkard father and an elapid mother. They sold their elder daughter, when she was nine years old to a French businessman, resident in Benin. When she was ten, she met, by chance, a Lebanese businessman who knowing her story freed her from the French man’s servitude. He br ...
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