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forbes: Kassem Hejeij"s Story: The Enemy Of My Enemy May Or May Not Be My Friend 2016-12-15

 We all are familiar with the adage “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.” It has long been a fundamentally simple concept with practical applications until the U.S. government is joined in the equation with any of several Middle East factions. The U.S. application of any process is usually complex and sometimes detached of common reasoning. The Middle East is also historically a long-lasting and compli ...
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The Huffington Post: Kassem Hejeij, A Champion for His People 2016-12-03

Our Heroes Denied Our cinemas are replete with champions and legends. Drama or comedy; our greatest heroes are often misjudged, maligned, and initially labeled as villains or tyrants. From Spiderman, Batman, and Alfred Hitchcock’s, Roger Thornhill from North by Northwest, to the Green Mile’s John Coffey, provision of the public good is firstly greeted with government persecution and condemnation. It’s ...
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