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Atty. Gen. Sessions should empanel grand jury to probe intelligence leaks 2017-04-17

An extraordinary scenario is taking place right out in the open, and we all seem to be missing it. The subject is the utterly incompetent protection our “intelligence community” (as they like to be called) is providing for the nation’s most precious secrets. It was bad enough when a young contractor named Edward Snowden could steal millions of classified records pertaining to the plans, strategies, ...
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forbes: Kassem Hejeij"s Story: The Enemy Of My Enemy May Or May Not Be My Friend 2016-12-15

 We all are familiar with the adage “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.” It has long been a fundamentally simple concept with practical applications until the U.S. government is joined in the equation with any of several Middle East factions. The U.S. application of any process is usually complex and sometimes detached of common reasoning. The Middle East is also historically a long-lasting and compli ...
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VIP Syrian People on the European Sanctions List 2014-07-23

On Wednesday July 23rd, 2014, was published in the European Union’s official newspaper the names of three Syrian persons and nine Syrian entities to be added to the list of sanctions related to the Syrian crisis. A statement by EU clarified that the three new additions to be included in the sanctions are the prominent businessman, Hashem Anwar al-Aqad; head of the “Anwar al-Aqad Sons for Trading” gro ...
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